7 things we learned from our webchat with Nadiya Hussain

The Great British Bake Off winner breezed into the Mumsnet offices for a webchat and proved to be every bit as cheery as you'd hope  

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1. She still loves baking. We mean REALLY loves baking.

"Even though I bake for work now, I still bake for my kids everyday even if it's something as simple as a butter biscuit."

2. Her desert island ingredients would make for a bonkers Ready Steady Cook

"Marmite, raspberry powder, chocolate, salt, nuts."

3. Every bit of her life is viewed through the food prism

"If we book a holiday anywhere, I always research what kind of food is available. Pretty much everything I do is centred around food."

4. Nadiya's next cookbook might not even be about baking

"It would be great to write a book that really magnifies how beautiful Bangladeshi cooking really is."

5. She has an odd line in go-to snacks

"One of my favourite things to snack on is a crisp green apple dipped in peanut butter."

6. Her mum sounds just LOVELY

"[My inspiration] has to be my mum. She has been a housewife for over 30 years, raised six kids, 11 grandchildren and recently got a full-time job for the first time! She very rarely shows signs of letting up, she's an absolute legend."

7. And she is wise. So wise.

"Putting yourself out there and taking a risk allows you to see what you're really afraid of or if what you're afraid of is really nothing to be afraid of at all!"

Nadiya Hussain's first cookbook, Nadiya’s Kitchen is published 16 June 2016. The book's focus is to deliver tasty meals quickly, and she shares over 100 delicious recipes for all the family, from her famous bakes to simple suppers and snacks. 

Last updated: 3 months ago