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Star Wars: Mumsnetters feel the force

In celebration of Star Wars Day (May the 4th), we asked Mumsnetters to share what it is they love about Star Wars. Turns out there's a little Jedi - or Sith - in all of us...

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1. The memories that the films bring back

"My brother won a competition [to see the original Star Wars film] and we got to attend the premiere in London, meet the cast and stay in a posh hotel. My brother still has the Darth Vader mask that was part of the prize. We were very poor so it was an amazing experience - although we were only little and I slept through the film!"

"We went to see the original at the cinema. My nana was so utterly captivated she sat through the whole film mouth agog, with a Fry's Cream Bar balanced on the outstretched palm of her hand. Afterwards, we got piping hot chips from the chippy on the corner and ate them on the way home, while my dad and I had pretend light sabre fights."

2. Yoda. Everything about Yoda.


"You see him fighting in Episode II and finally understand why he is a great warrior. Part of Luke's incredulity in Episode V is because he is small, green and talks in a silly voice, messing up the conventional subject-verb-object word order."

3. Even the lacklustre prequels have their moments

"My husband and I went on our first date to see The Phantom Menace. I completely embarrassed him by shouting out in the parliament meeting scene "There's ET!" My brother had told me to watch out for that part and I got a bit over-excited..."

"The very best bit was when Jar Jar Binks came on screen, and I boggled at how a whole studio could have thought that putting such a character on screen could ever have been a good idea."

4. Sharing the films with a new generation of fans

"I watched Episode IV again with my son recently. He loved the bit with the 'slug' - I think he means Jabba. I just love the bit where the stormtrooper hits his head on the door - they even left in the sound it made!"

"Newest best bit has been showing my daughter and son episodes IV to VI for the first time and seeing their eyes light up. This has now led to the three-year-old stomping round the house singing the Imperial March and telling her brother she is his stormtrooper..."

5. The dialogue...

"'Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.' Still sends chills down my spine."

"Everyone's favourite line surely has to be Han Solo's cool-as-fuck response to Princess Leia declaring she loves him; that laconic 'I know'."

...Not to mention that one scene with Luke

"Luke gazing soulfully at the twin suns of Tatooine whist the music swells."

"Luke looking soulfully into the Tatooine sunset after the row with his uncle. Total pre-teen crush fodder!"

6. Plot twists that were genuinely shocking

"My dad took my brother and I to see The Empire Strikes Back when I was six or seven. I was horrified when Han was captured and given to Jabba."

"My best moment is the genuine shock at 'I am your father.' At the time, best plot twist ever. Now of course parodied to death - but then it was fabulous."

7. John Williams' incredible scores

"When they fly into the asteroid field. The music gives me goosebumps."

"My best bit is the very end of The Empire Strikes Back, when they're down but not out, gazing out into space and the departing Millennium Falcon, looking through the glass as the music swells."

8. That a love of Star Wars can lead to Actual Love

"My husband and I realised we were perfect for each other over the course of an evening in our local pub. We sat in a booth together for hours talking about pretty much nothing but Star Wars."

9. Y'know what? We love everything...

"Favourite parts of the film? Pretty much all of The Empire Strikes Back. Han Solo <swoon> rescuing Luke at the beginning. Han and Leia trading insults because they're really in lurve. Han being frozen in carbonite. Never being quite sure which side Lando was on. Just brilliant."

...and Episode VII did not disappoint

"Lots of old school star wars references and characters, lots of lovely new aliens to enjoy. Old cast great, new cast even better."

"I went and loved it so, so much. Perfect mix of old and new, tragedy and comedy - so much for every generation of fan. Easily the best cinematic experience I've had in years."

"I totally, TOTALLY loved it!! I shrieked like a child a few times with sheer excitement, and I wasn't the only one judging by the noise in the cinema."

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