Pets - they're as human as we are

Helpful, entitled, pushy and empathetic: Mumsnet's pet owners share the human traits their pets demonstrate every day 

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1. Enthusiastic (I'm up, therefore you are up)

"Our cat wakes us up by stomping all over the bed and sitting on the bedside table trying to stroke my face (very frightening when I'm not expecting it in the darkness!!)"

2. Hardworking (more useful than a teenager, frankly)


"Our dog is great at housekeeping. He often fetches clothes left on the kids' floor and puts them in the laundry."

3. Resourceful (I've got this)

"Our doggy Kim likes to pull a blanket over herself at night when in her bed."

4. Impatient (if you're not on it, WHY NOT?)

"My cat meows to me when someone is at the door as to say "Can you get it?'"

5. Irascible (you got a problem with that?)

"We have pet allergies in our home but thought we would be safe with goldfish. However they were aggressive and one gave the other a black eye and then after a few days tried to eat the other one. It was like watching a slower version of Coronation Street with a punch-up at The Rover's Return." 

6. Lazy (you want me to do what?)

"Our dog was a diva. If you threw a stick for her she'd give you a look that said, 'You must be joking!'"

7. Verbose (and culturally appropriative)

"Our cat has a definite Welsh accent. (We don't live anywhere near Wales)."

8. Sociable (don't mind me...)

"Our dog Bruce likes to sit with my husband whilst he's working on the computer.

9. Stubborn (Nope. Not going to happen)

"We have a tortoise called Keith. She refuses to get in her water bowl until warm enough (tested by putting in one foot, shaking it off and giving us a look before skulking away)."

10. Emotional (can't you see I'm in BITS?)

"We used to have piranhas - I know they're not the most facially expressive of animals, but I swear, you could tell when they were having a bad day!"

11. Sympathetic (here to help)

"My gorgeous cat Stanley is my best friend and constant companion when I'm poorly or upset. I have been suffering with morning sickness for the past 9 weeks and his paw is often on my hand or on my belly."

12. Fun-loving (blatant opportunity to use this picture)

"My cat loves playing football with my son."

13. Convivial (who's for a cuppa?)

"Our dog loves cornflakes and a cup of tea in the morning!"

14. Welcoming (SO glad you're home)

"I used to have a cat who would sit in the window and wait for me to get home. He would raise a paw and rub the window when he saw me, it looked like he was waving hello."

15. Cunning (makes a terrifying nemesis) 

"My cat is definitely like a human evil genius from a film. I swear she is plotting against me. She waits for me in the morning and tries to trip me up when I go downstairs."

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