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9 stone-cold classic films all children must watch

Sharing something from your childhood with your own kids is kind of magical - Mumsnetters recommend some oft-forgotten films worth watching again (and again)

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"My son adores The Iron Giant, which is the most fabulous film that nobody has ever heard of."

"My favourite even as an adult: Batteries Not Included."

"The Goonies is an amazing film. Just the right level of action and excitement - my kids adore it."

"If they like animals, Born Free is a great film."

"Labyrinth. If only for David Bowie in those tights."

"Mine love love love The Princess Bride. We read the book first, which they were gripped by."

"Young Sherlock Holmes? Not too risqué - although there are terrifying cakes, which come alive and try to kill Watson."

"My kids recently loved Raiders of the Lost Ark. They found the melty-face bit hilarious - rather than terrifying, as I did when I was their age."

"Bill and Ted - it's really dated now but my children liked it."

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