New kids' films to see in 2016

Treat the family to a cinema trip - we've rounded up the best films suitable for all ages, hitting the big screen soon

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The Jungle Book - 15 April (Trailer)

The Angry Birds Movie - 13 May (Trailer)

One of two upcoming films based on Rudyard Kipling's beloved children's book, this one mixes live action and CGI, and features the voices of Ben Kingsley, Scarlett Johansson and Idris Elba to name a few. Yes it's based on a mobile app, but the trailer for this 3D animated comedy is surprisingly funny - and we'll finally learn the bizarre origin story behind the Angry Birds. It's sure to be a hit with kids.
If you liked: Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland

If you liked: Madagascar

Finding Dory - July (Trailer)
The BFG - July (Trailer)
The long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo sees Dory set out on a mission to find her parents. Ellen DeGeneres returns as the forgetful fish, with Idris Elba and Diane Keaton among the big names joining her.A live-action version of Roald Dahl's classic, directed by Steven Spielberg. Mark Rylance plays the Big Friendly Giant, and a host of other stars can be seen as the less-friendly giants.
If you liked: Finding Nemo, Shark Tale

If you liked: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Hugo

The Secret Life of Pets - June (Trailer)
Fantastic Beasts - November (Trailer)
Ever wondered what your pets get up to when you leave the house? Finally there's a film that might have the answer. Or at the very least, some amusing suggestions. The cast includes Louis CK and Steve Coogan.Potter fans rejoice - JK Rowling has expanded on the wizarding world with this prequel, set years before her original books and centered on a wizard with a knack for all creatures magical. 
If you liked: Bolt, Cats and Dogs

If you liked: Harry Potter

Storks - October (Trailer)Moana - December
Two storks hate their job delivering babies to new parents, and decide to uncover the truth behind this long-standing myth. Sound crazy? It probably will be - it's from the team behind The Lego Movie, after all.The second animated film in 2016 from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana is a navigator who sets off in search of an legendary island in order to help her family, assisted by a demi-God along the way.
If you liked: Free BirdsIf you liked: Brave

In case you missed 'em - released earlier this year...

Kung Fu Panda 3 - March (Trailer)
Zootropolis - March (Trailer)
Po the Panda finally finds out more about his birth family in the third Kung Fu Panda film, and has to teach an entire panda village the ways of the dragon warrior in order to stop an old enemy.

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For some reason it's got a different title from the US 'Zootopia', but this film about a rabbit and a fox teaming up to solve a crime is shaping up to be a charming - and amusing - animated hit from Disney.

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If you liked: Ice Age

If you liked: Flushed Away

Te Angry Bird Movie

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