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Guilty pleasures

Mumsnetters confess the films they secretly love more than anything. 


Mamma Mia

"The guiltiest of guilty film pleasures: Mamma Mia <goes into hiding>"


Rocky IV

"I would never tell a stranger that I watch it as often as possible - sometimes just the training montage because it makes me tingly. They'd judge me, and rightly so."



"Ok, I'll admit to loving all the Twilight films as others have also confessed."


Independence Day

"It's a terrible pile of hokum, but I can't help loving it!"


Legally Blonde

"I'm unable to turn it off if it appears on telly."


Top Gun

"Oh I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I must have watched it over 30 times - and still watch it if it's on TV. Tom Cruise was rather gorgeous."


The Holiday

"The best shite film for me is The Holiday. It has no redeeming features whatsoever, and I love it."


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

"I always watch it when I'm poorly or hungover."


Dirty Dancing

"I watched it last week after lying implying to the OH that I was catching up on Emmerdale."


Grease 2

"It's WAY better than the first one. I adore Adrian Zmed as Johnny Nogerelli."


Notting Hill

"It's the reason I couldn't name my son Rufus." 


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