Top family films


Grab your popcorn and curl up on the sofa together - Mumsnetters recommend these family favourites. 



Rated PGRunning time: 94 mins

"My girls were transfixed the first time they saw it!"


Toy Story 3

Rated U | Running time: 98 mins

"Makes you laugh, cry and cheer whether you're five or 50."

Despicable Me (1 & 2)

Rated U | Running time: 91 mins and 93 mins

"My kids are addicted to the Despicable Me films - they love it!"


The Harry Potter Series

Rated 12 | Running time: 130-161 mins per film

"The fabulous music at the start really sets the mood."

"All the films are watched repeatedly over and over and over ad infinitum."


Back to the Future

Rated PG | Running time: 112 mins

"The Back to the Future films are great for all the family."


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Rated U | Running time: 96 mins

"It has to be the original, obvs."


Mary Poppins

Rated U | Running time: 133 mins

"My children love Mary Poppins. Especially good for my sensitive five-year-old as there's no scary/sinister music, baddies or jumpy moments."


The Wizard of Oz

Rated PG | Running time: 98 mins

"Wizard of Oz beats everything. Fact."



Rated U | Running time: 135 mins

"In my opinion there is no better family film than Hook."


The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Rated PG | Running time: 137 mins

"This was an absolute favourite when my son was little"


How to Train your Dragon

Rated PG | Running time: 98 mins

"I think I enjoy this as much as my daughter!"


Finding Nemo

Rated U | Running time: 101 mins

"Simple, easy to watch and utterly adorable. Love it."



Rated PG | Running time: 108 mins

"It drives me crazy but the kids almost go into a trance when it's on!"

"Frozen - is there another film at this time?"


The Goonies

Rated 12 | Running time: 109 mins

"After all these years, The Goonies still rules!"


Mrs Doubtfire

Rated PG | Running time: 120 mins

"We must have watched it a million times - and it's a winner every time. Love it."


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