10 really scary films

Sometimes you just want a film that will make you spill your popcorn.  We've rounded up Mumsnetters' best recommendations for movies to watch between your fingers

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1. One with weird children

"Have you seen The Orphanage? It's a Spanish one, really creepy." 

"Another vote for The Orphanage. That film is creepy as sin and I still sometimes think about it if I wake up in the middle of the night!"

2. One with weird twin children

"The Shining. Dear Lord, just the thought of it makes my knees tremble."

"The Shining gets my vote too! One of the few films that made me hide behind a pillow and peek around the edge in that awful 'can't bear to look, can't bear not to look' state of anxiety!"

3. One that combines spooky Victorians with children (oh GOD)

"The Others is very creepy. Don't Google memorial photos afterwards like I did - it made the creepy even worse!"  

4. One featuring unstoppable deadly curses

"The original Japanese Ringu (The Ring) and Gruon (I think that's how it's spelt - The Grudge) are terrifying!"

5. One with some old-fashioned jump scares

"The Woman in Black. Makes me anxious just thinking about it."

6. One that messes with your head

"My favourite is The Blair Witch Project. It's rather old, but it really works for me." 

"My all time scariest film is still The Blair Witch Project. That traumatises me for days on end every time I watch it."

7. One that's not for the faint of heart

"Eden Lake has stayed with me since I watched it several years ago. Really good."

"I second Eden Lake."

8. One that makes you mistrust... everyone 

"The Thing (1982 version) is probably my favourite horror film ever. It's absolute genius and has aged really, really well."

9. One where the monsters are totally a metaphor 

"Oh God, The Mist. I read the novella and the film was even better - rare to say for Stephen King. It haunted me, that film, HAUNTED ME."

10. Perhaps the scariest of all: one that's utterly believable

"Don't Look Now - without a doubt! Scariest film I've ever seen because the underlying situation is so believable (and tragic). The horror is based on reality and builds throughout to a terrifying conclusion. Visually beautiful and acting wonderful. Still wouldn't watch it on my own…" 

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