10 great films for toddlers

Is your patience with Peppa Pig running thin? These wonderful films are suitable for little ones - and grown-ups can definitely enjoy them, too

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"My Neighbour Totoro - my brother bought it for my girls and they still love it now. It's a real fantasy adventure and a really happy film."

"My son loved animals when he was really little - especially The Adventures of Milo and Otis."

"Curious George. Lovely, lovely film. Perfect for teenies and grown-ups. It is funny, but doesn't have that level of 'adult humour' hidden in it like a lot of other kids' films do."

"Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit, and all the Wallace and Gromit short films (Wrong Trousers etc). They're so good that we can watch them over and over - fabulous animation, and we notice new things every time."

"Aristocats - it's the only film our three-year-old has watched in full. It's about an hour long - she loves it and isn't scared by it at all."

"The first full movie our son watched was Kung Fu Panda - he was entranced."

"My son loves Ponyo, which has a very gentle storyline and seems to be utterly compelling to toddlers. My friend's son would even watch it in Japanese without complaining!"

"Mary Poppins was a big hit with my toddler."

"Rio is a good one. My two-year-old loves it - very colourful, and a few catchy songs."

"Wall-E is brilliant - very sweet and keeps my two boys entertained."

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Last updated: 11 months ago