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10 great films for seven-year-olds

Seven-year-olds are a discerning bunch, and can cope with slightly more complex plots and characters. Here are the films that Mumsnetters reckon will keep them (and you!) gripped

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"The Jungle Book is a fab film - it's old enough to be a classic, and therefore educational!"

"Pretty much all of the Barbie movies are lovely. My daughters have developed a love of classical music from watching Swan Lake/Nutcracker/Pink Shoes."

"Shrek has my vote - I have seen it with the kids countless times, and still keep intending to watch it one evening in peace without interruptions, so I can appreciate all the jokes!"

"The Parent Trap with Dennis Quaid is great."

"My kids liked G-Force - it's a very silly film about some guinea pigs that are secret agents, but it has good special effects and is played straight, so it worked well."

"The Secret Garden. It's a beautiful adaptation of the book."

"I love Tangled! I have a newfound respect for frying pans."

"My son loved Night at the Museum - he sat riveted all the way through. Definitely recommend it.

"Horton Hears a Who. My children have seen it a million, zillion times. We've had to replace the DVD twice."

"Madagascar was a hit - it's one of the first films I can remember my daughter watching where she laughed out loud."

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