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Last week on the Boots Feel Good Forum we discussed ways to give your beauty a boost and how to look and feel your best. These were your tips.


If it's true the eyes have it, then your eyebrows frame the most important part of your face, so give your eyebrows a bit of TLC:

  • I've recently started 'enhancing' my eyebrows as now I'm into my 50s. They're a wee bit ill-defined. I've found "filling" them slightly with a few strokes of a brown (well-sharpened) eye pencil and then softening/fillng in further with a suprisingly light brown (almost beige) eye shadow gives the best effect. It really helps frame and open up your eyes." prettybird
  • I recommend Vaseline (or the cheaper Boots version), which is brilliant for smoothing down eye brows. stickylittlefingers




 Follow these Mumsnetter tips on how to achieve glowing, soft skin:

  • My top tip for glowing skin is use a rich, creme cleanser every morning, then use ice cold water on cotton wool pads to rinse away. Makes your skin feels nourished and 'awake'! balroymum
  • I always feel better and more confident when my skin is in good condition, so I drink loads of water, which I think makes my skin look healthier and clearer, which in turn makes me feel more confident. Glitterfairys
  • Really dry hands or heels of your feet? Invest in some sexy cotton gloves or socks, slap on cream and go to bed. In the morning they're lovely and soft. And you haven't spent hours applying beauty treatments. Hummymummy
  • Once in a while, I take a facecloth soaked in very warm water and hold it tightly over my face after washing it. It's like a mini-sauna and leaves you feeling very refreshed. You can repeat this with cold water afterwards to tighten your pores again! D1974
  • My top tip is to use a natural oil like jojoba to moisturise your face at night, then cleanse with witch hazel and cotton wool in the morning. Use a quality foundation but, using a cotton bud, mix a little in a clean container with aloe gel (this makes it last longer and stops that cement on your face look!) poopoopoo
  • Make-up always looks best with a good foundation, so make sure you moisturise morning and night. It can be a bit of a hassle, but it only takes about 30 seconds and your skin will feel so much better for it. Then make-up will go on more easily! serendipity1980



Want gorgeous, extra-curly lashes? Mumsnetters recommend: 

  • Heat metal eyelash curlers with a hair dryer for 10 seconds or so before curling lashes. Check the curler is not too hot though! bearcub1
  • Mascara can easily dry out if you're not careful, so make sure you don't pump the mascara wand vigorously while using it, which causes air to get into the bottle. To avoid this, just tilt the bottle on one side and the brush will be coated with the solution. If you notice your mascara is becoming thick, just add a drop of water into the bottle and shake it well before use. This way your mascara will last longer. katiewalters
  • I've recently gone back to using clear mascara on my lashes and brows as it helps me feel a bit more 'groomed' without worrying about black 'clumps' on my eyelashes, panda eyes or black bits in the corners of my eyes. Dawnywoo


Best of the rest

Ever tried exfoliating with a toothbrush? Check out these ingenious beauty tricks from Mumsnetters:

  • Use cotton buds to clean up any make-up mishaps, or as a cheap disposable make-up applicator at home or when travelling. BellaVida
  • Try using a tiny smudge of highlighter just above and on the top lip. Nerfmother
  • If you suffer from dry chapped lips, use a clean toothbrush to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin before applying balm or a moisturising lipstick. BellaVida
  • When my curly hair feels too dry and I am out of serum, I use a little handful of conditioner on the ends, it settles down in an instant! CheeryCherry


If you didn't manage to catch the show on Sunday, don't worry you can listen to it now via our pop-out player.


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