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This week on the Boots Feel Good Forum, we talked about getting ready for a summer of sun (we hope!) with experts GP Dr Rob Hicks and Michelle Mone. We asked Mumsnetters for your top holidays tips, and this is what you said...

Hair and skin

Want to make sure your hair's ready for the salt water, sunshine and whatever else you throw at it? Follow this advice from Mumsnetters to make sure you feel your best. 

  • I leave conditioner in my hair, or coat it in oils - you can get yummy-smelling ones - then plait it. I spend most sunny days in summer with my hair in plaits, which keeps it out of the way, cool on my neck and it always looks in better condition when washed out for wearing down. A bandana or scarf keeps the parting from getting burnt, and if you aren't one for girly plaits you can easily pin them around your head in a fräulein-type way or up at the back like a mini-bun. SacreBlue
  • Always exfoliate your legs before shaving them! It ensures you get the closest shave to the hair follicle and you stay smoother for longer. MissRee
  • I always ensure I have freshly shaven legs, have exfoliated well and moisturised when out in the sun. It helps you to tan and for the tan to remain even. The sun can also dry skin out, so this helps to prevent that. Snugglebuttmini


Sun protection

UV light is the major cause of skin ageing so it is correct to protect your face from the effects of the sun. UVA rays are particularly responsible for premature skin ageing as they penetrate more deeply into the skin than UVB rays. First and foremost ensure that your day cream contains a minimum of SPF15 and a 5 star UVA rating. For more prolonged, deliberate sun exposure use a higher factor than you normally use on your body, at least SPF 30 if not SPF 50.

  • Have anyone tried Sudocrem sun protections mousse? It's in the baby section rather than with the suncream, but is great. Easy to apply, non greasy, has an expiry date on the bottom of the can and without lots of the not-so-nice ingredients that many other products contain. IwishIwasmoreorganised

Holiday weight loss

Feeling a tiny bit anxious about stepping out in your swimsuit? Try keeping an eye on your carbs in the run-up to your hols, like this Mumsnetter.

  • A few weeks ago, I stopped eating pasta, potatoes, and rice (though I still eat bread.) And I will admit to a few plates of pasta, here and there. But for the most part it's just meat and veggies, and so far I've lost 4kg. slatorre712

Holiday shopping

If you can't wait to get away, tide yourself over by hitting the shops for holiday accessories and beat the last-minute rush.

  • Don't leave it too late to buy swimwear, sunglasses or sun hats. By August, lots of shops have sold out. TravelinColour
  • It can actually be cooler to wear loose clothes which cover up skin, than things like vest tops. Plus, you need less suncream then. TravelinColour


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