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This week on the Boots Feel Good Forum, we're talking about looking after your skin and fighting the signs of ageing, so we asked for your top tips.

Hydrate, moisturise and stay out of the sun

Sometimes, the most obvious solutions are the most effective, so most Mumsnetters recommend a healthy lifestyle, moisturising and, most of all, avoiding UV rays as the best way to keep your skin looking healthy. 

  • My advice is healthy living, staying hydrated, and sun protection. Also, try different products and techniques as your skin does change seasonally and over the years. ShhHesAsleep
  • My two skincare golden rules are drink lots of water, and moisturise, especially during the winter when we forget to do so because we have less skin not on show! bohoec
  • The best thing you can do for your skin is not to smoke, or give up if you do, as it is terribly ageing. That, and drink lots of water, stay out of the sun, eat healthily and moisturise every day. Do all of this and your skin should look pretty good. TheCrackFox
  • I think the best skin care tip is probably sleep. Which explains why no amount of Touche Eclat can salvage my bags. missorinoco
  • I'd say try not to use sun beds or if you go out in the sun use a sunscreen on your face. tanfastic


Be careful what you use on your skin

Making sure you pick the right lotions and potions to care for your skin is important, but it's also key to make sure your cosmetic accessories fit the bill as well. 

  • My top tip for those with sensitive skin like me is not to use cotton wool ever. It's full of bleach and nasty chemicals and will cause reactions. Instead, rinse cleanser away with water or a soft face cloth, and apply toner by patting on gently with hands. AlfalfaMum
  • Use a flannel to wash your face. It's a great way to slough away flaky skin and a hot flannel is great for deep-cleaning grotty pores. SpringtimeForShatner



Products Mumsnetters love

Everyone's got a secret weapon when it comes to skincare and anti-ageing, so here's a few of the products that you mentioned that you swear by. 

  • I totally LOVE Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster, and can't shout about it enough! It's so refreshing when you put it on your skin and leaves no nasty greasy residue. Leaves my face so soft - if you ever discountinue the range I will campaign for its return! I mix it up with a few drops of Rosehip oil from Trilogy (fabulous stuff) and some Number 7 Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturiser which is nice and moist. Nitpick
  • Apply baby oil to body directly after showering, but before you dry off with a towel. SparklyStream
  • My message to anyone is simple - Vaseline. I'm nearly 41. When I was 26ish I saw Joanna Lumley on This Morning recommending a small dad of Vaseline at the corner of the eyes each night to stop crows feet. I started doing this and have done ever since. harryhausen


Or just lie...

Ain't nothing to it. 

  • I'm 51. I tell people I'm 65. I often get told how young I look. 50BalesOfHay 


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