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Daniel Sandler

Daniel Sandler has been a makeup artist and leader in his field for over 20 years. He's worked all over the world for photographers and designers such as Tom Ford for Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Jenny Packham. 

One of his fortés is making these looks wearable for everyone, and being able to show and explain just how easy makeup can be. Here, he shares five top tips to give your beauty regime that injection of expertise you were after.

1. "A pop of colour on the eyes can make them appear bigger, brighter and more youthful. Purple tones are universally flattering and work well to take away pinkness from the whites of the eyes, so you look less tired."

2. "Small eyes can be opened up with a slick of liner. Draw a thin line just above the top lash line with a soft pencil to open up the eyes and make sparse lashes appear fuller. Flicking the outer edge of the eyeliner will make the eyes look lifted."

3. "A pinch of pink or peach on cheek apples emulates a shower-fresh glow- if you suffer from high colour and natural redness then opt for peach tones. It's an instant youth-booster and it brightens the whites of your eyes and teeth too."

4. "Brows are crucial so invest in a professional shape, and define with a shade of colour that compliments your hair colour and is slightly lighter than your brow shade – anything too dark can be ageing."

5. "Avoid heavy, matte foundations, and choose lighter formulations that are going to make skin glow."



Emma Kenny

Emma Kenny is a qualified and highly experienced practitioner with Psychological and Counselling qualifications recognised by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the British Psychological Society.

Here, Emma shares her quick top-tips for giving your confidence a boost.

1. "Focus on being the best you can possibly be - not the one someone else believes you should be."

2. "Confident people are happier people - so work on it and reap the rewards of a more fulfilling life."

3. "Don't apologise for having your own style - remember you are unique and what is important is that you are true to who you are."

4. "Don't sweat the small stuff - if you feel content then enjoy it and don't feel that you have to prove anything to anyone."

5. "If you are unhappy with elements of yourself, don't wallow in them -  have the agency to change them or develop them. Life is a journey so make sure you navigate yours well."




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