Expert tips for keeping children healthy and happy

Supernanny Jo Frost


Jo Frost

Joanne "Jo" Frost is an English nanny and television personality. She was the central figure of the reality television program Supernanny and has written three books on childcare and began her work experience in 1989.

On the last Feel Good Forum we asked Supernanny Jo Frost for her top five takeaway tips on how to keep your children healthy and happy. Here's what she had to say…


Don't mix messages: Be clear with your conversations. It sounds simple, but when you want your child to do something, it's much better to tell them rather than giving a choice. However, if you yourself have the choice it's great to ask your child for their input. It will create no mixed messages and enable the child to respond appropriately.

Dinner is served: Many parents encounter difficulties at mealtime and rarely get near the table when it comes to them grabbing something to eat. As parents, we should set the example ourselves by sitting at the table with the kids at mealtimes and making sure we're eating too. It's a chance to teach them that mealtimes can be a really enjoyable social event of the day.

Wise warning: Try to give your child only one warning and not seven. The more warnings you give, the easier they become to ignore. By disciplining after a single rebellion it will prompt your toddler to take heed of the behaviour expected and stop you as a parent from losing your cool and having to shout all of the time.

Repetition: When teaching them something new, our children will need to be shown and told several times before they master it. Making things fun can really help things stick too, we want our kids to have positive associations with new things that they try.

Structure the mornings: Work out a morning plan based on what time you need to leave and work backwards to know what time you need to wake. When it comes to those routines such as breakfast, getting dressed and grooming, try and keep these within 30 minute increments so you're not rushing everything at once. Once everyone is familiar with the plan the time it takes will reduce naturally.


MedicalDr Ellie Cannon Expert
Dr Ellie Cannon

Dr Ellie is the regular medical expert on Sky News Sunrise. She also makes regular appearances on Daybreak, Channel 5 news and ITV's This Morning. Ellie combines her clinical and media work being a mum to her two children.

On the last Feel Good Forum we asked Dr Ellie Cannon for her top 5 takeaway tips on how to keep your children healthy and happy, here's what she had to say… 

Balanced diet: Look at your child's diet as a whole to see whether or not it's balance, don't just concentrate on whether or not they eat meat or fruit, actually look at it as a whole, that's what a balance diet truly means.

Let's get out there: Encourage you and your family to get out there, not just for the fresh air, but for the exercise and the vitamin D. It's also a stress buster for children and for adults alike, so enjoy it and do it as much as you can.

Use your pharmacist: It's very difficult these days to see your GP, the surgeries are packed, so ask your pharmacist about vitamins and creams. They've got a great level of knowledge so we really should be using them a lot more considering they're on all your local high-streets. Find your local Boots pharmacy here.

Blocked bogies: More often than not we find our little ones with blocked or snotty noses, this is a perfectly normal occurrence. When the discharge turns a greener colour there is no need to panic, it's likely your child will not need antibiotics.

High-temperature: When your child wakes with a high temperature, going to school isn't advisable. Very high temperature can potentially be a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection, so your child will need to be rested and hydrated.

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