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Meet Kate

Kate Thornton is a talented and versatile TV and radio presenter. She started her career as a journalist, becoming the youngest ever editor of Smash Hits in 1995. She has written for The Daily and Sunday Mirror, The Sunday Times and was the Contributing Editor for Marie Claire.


Her presenting credits include some of the most high-profile programmes on British TV, including Top of the Pops, Pop Idol Extra and The BRITs and she presented three series of The X Factor. She has presented a number of shows for national radio stations and has hosted ITV1's Loose Women. In 2012, Kate presented the intimate and personal Anorexia - My Secret Past, for Channel 5.

She had this to say…

"It's rare that you get to go on the radio to take an issue and talk it out, and impart advice and information through experts in a way that's truly entertaining. So I loved the format of it and it felt very close to the kind of stuff that I do on TV. Fundamentally, I thought is it a show I'd listen to? And the answer was yes!

"We're covering everything on the show, from make-up, to day-to-day health and keeping fit, to dealing with illness. We'll be trying to help people find their way by providing expert advice and by sharing callers' experience."

Any tips on health and wellbeing in advance?

"Make sure you're aware. That includes everything from exercising regularly, to women checking their breasts for lumps. If there is a problem, seek expert advice, be it your pharmacist, your doctor, or a specialist. As mums, we tend to look after everybody else's needs and often forget our own. But the whole thing falls down like a house of cards if you're not well. I drag myself to the gym three times week. But I do it because I know that at 40 years of age, if I want to keep up with the demands of my life, something needs to help me along."

Kate Thornton presents the Boots Feel Good Forum on Real Radio at 7pm Sunday and Smooth Radio at 8pm Sunday. 

If you didn't manage to catch the show on Sunday, don't worry you can listen to it now via our pop-out player.

Last updated: over 3 years ago