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Let's get ready for summer

Summer finally feels like it's around the corner and that means looking forward to warmer days, brighter nights, time in the garden, holidays and a barbeque (whatever the weather).

Getting out and about is great for everyone in the family. Whether it's seeing the kids spending entire days outside (and forgetting the TV even exists) or just getting to spend some quality time together, a good break makes you feel better in the short term and helps you keep things in perspective back in the real world.

To help you get in shape for your summer and to ensure you make the most of your holiday when it arrives, we've pulled together some top tips to prepare you and the family for a summer of sun (or so we hope). From the best sun protection to inspirational new looks in time for the summer, Boots really is your one-stop summer health and beauty destination.


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There's a mind-boggling array of sun protection creams and lotions on the market today but it's far too important a subject to play the guessing games. Whether you're a sun-worshipping beach bum or a delicate English rose, you need to take skin protection seriously and understand what you're buying. Most people don't realise that sun creams with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) mainly protect against UVB, the rays that burn.

But UVB only accounts for 5% of the sun's UV rays. The other 95% are UVA rays. These are the ones that penetrate deep into your skin and can cause long-lasting damage and premature skin ageing. For this reason, the entire Soltan range has a 5-star UVA rating – the highest protection you can get.

The best family holidays involve new experiences in the outdoors, a release from routines and quality time together to strengthen relationships. And the revitalising benefits of a holiday last long after we return thanks to lower stress levels, better sleep and long-term health advantages. But at some point, most family holidays also involve funny tummies, bumps and bruises and the odd unspecified rash.

In fact, family holidays and first aid seem to go together like Blackpool and rock. So it's best to be prepared for all eventualities. When it comes to travel health, Boots can advise you on everything from the right first aid kits to insect repellent and travel sickness remedies.

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If you're going abroad somewhere exotic this summer then it's essential you check on which vaccinations you and the family will need. But don't think you need to rely on your GP for this. Boots provide a very handy alternative with a wide range of vaccinations available (as well as advice on which ones you'll need for specific countries) and you can make evening and weekend appointments too.

Boots also offer a malaria prevention service via the Boots online clinic which helps you understand if you'll need to take preventative medicine for you trip abroad. Following an online consultation you can order the treatment and have it delivered directly to you or your chosen pharmacy.

Whether it's a healthy tan, the chance to strip off some layers and flaunt a new wardrobe or simply lots of lovely stress-free sleep, there's nothing like a holiday to boost the self-confidence. And we have some simple tips and great products for ensuring you start the holiday feeling and looking great from day one.

Whether it's a base tan, silky smooth legs or a bit of TLC for the toes, we can help. Here are our top four products to get you out there looking fabulous.

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