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Sleep, stress and energy

When work is good, the children sleep, the neighbour's car alarm doesn’t go off in the middle of the night and you're getting regular exercise, the trio of sleep, stress and energy combine into a virtuous circle. A stress-free day at work allows you to drift into a refreshing sleep, which leaves you feeling energised and ready to tackle the day ahead.

But when the kids get sick, the nights become a battleground, you feel exhausted all day and small problems can feel insurmountable. Your virtuous circle of sleep, stress-free living and replenished energy has suddenly become a vicious circle, devouring your energy, shredding your nerves and ruining your sleep. The relationship between these three things is delicate. So we’ve taken a close look at the best tips and products to keep sleep, stress and energy working in harmony.


Sleep medicines


Sleepio - Sleep improvement programme

If you're struggling to get to sleep, or even get a full night of undisturbed sleep, then sleep medicines might be the answer. They are mostly used for temporary sleeplessness rather than for ongoing sleep problems so you should definitely view them as a quick fix. It's also worth remembering that different medicines work for different people so speak to your pharmacist to find the best solution, or if problem persists speak to a doctor.

If medication isn't your thing and you prefer the natural approach, then Sleepio from sleep expert Professor Colin Espie, is a sleep improvement programme tailored to help teach you the best sleep improvement techniques. It's clinically proven to help overcome even long-term poor sleep and is recommended by 87% of users. What's more, it's completely personalised to you, so you can get a tailored programme and regular advice as you go.

Everyday stress


Some level of stress is unavoidable in life. In fact, it's very necessary! Our bodies are designed to feel it so we stay alert to potential dangers. Historically, that was things like life-endangering animals, but here in the UK that's not such a worry. Stress is often generated by far less exciting (and life-threatening) things like that looming deadline at work or the bills that need to be paid. So everyday stress isn't going anywhere, but we can find ways to make it more manageable. If symptoms persist speak to your doctor.

Ever found yourself marveling at where your children get their energy from? How can they possibly wake up so early, eat so little and still spend all day running around causing mayhem? Well, we all used to be like that and yet now we have days where we feel completely exhausted before we've even made it to mid-morning. Our energy levels depend a lot on our quality of sleep, but there are other factors at play too. We've found the top 10 tips to maintain your energy.

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