Top tips for body confidence

Supernanny Jo Frost

Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Linda Papadopoulos is a psychologist, who has worked on prime-time shows like Big Brother, GMTV and This Morning, and often offers her expertise on the celebrity headlines. She's also the author of Mirror Mirror: Dr. Linda's Body Image Revolution, a book using cognitive behavourial therapy to encourage a healthy body image.  


"Learn to be happy with who you are"

Boots Feel Good Forum says: As cliché as it sounds, looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside. Not one person is perfect and we all have those parts of ourselves we'd love to change, but don't forget the parts of you that your friends and family love, and that you should, too.

"Stop comparing and start celebrating"

Boots Feel Good Forum says: As Groove Armada once sang, 'If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other.' Of course, we all still fall victim to wishing we had the toned abs of the girl who pitches her yoga mat next to ours, but comparing isn't the way to feel good about yourself. Love your body for what it is and what it allows you to do and celebrate the best of you.

"Don't put all your self-esteem eggs in your beauty basket"

Boots Feel Good Forum says: It's hard to imagine that people wouldn't venture out into the world without having put some make-up on first, or having at least brushed their bed hair, but who you are as an individual should speak more than the fashion trend you're trying out today. While we may put a lot of time, effort and money into our looks and wardrobe, we shouldn't have to feel that we rely solely on our appearance. Who you are as an individual should speak more than the fashion trend you're trying out today.

People will forget how you looked as time goes by, but they probably won't forget the way you made them feel. If you do the things you love, with the people that make you feel loved, then you'll feel great and beautiful.

Matt Roberts

Matt kick-started the personal training phenomenon by opening London's first exclusive one-to-one personal training centre in 1995. Now renowned as a personal trainer to the stars, Matt is responsible for creating some of the most famous physiques in fashion, music, politics, including Tom Ford, Naomi Campbell, John Galliano, Trudi Styler, Amanda Holden and Mel C.


"High intensity interval training"

Boots Feel Good Forum says: Most people wonder why spending hour after hour on the treadmill doesn't give them the immediate weight loss they're looking for. Cardio is a great form of exercise as it speeds up the heart rate and burns those stubborn fat cells, but you don't have to go cross-country around England to see results. By alternating a short amount of intense cardio with a less intense recovery period, think running really fast and then walking, at least twice a week, you will improve your metabolism and general conditioning. You may even see those results you've been searching for quicker.

"Don't be afraid to add weights into your routine"

Boots Feel Good Forum says: It's so easy to stick with what you're safe with when it comes to exercise, but don't be afraid to shake it up a little with the use of weights. Resistance training has been proven to ensure that any fat and weight loss is long term rather than a short-term result.

Start with weights that suit your strength depending on your level of fitness and then work your way up, building a little at a time. It may even make working out a bit more exciting and less repetitive, and could turn those unwanted bingo wings into a thing of the past.

"Work on your general mobility"

Boots Feel Good Forum says: Not all work-outs have to include running vigorously around the Olympic Stadium or going army style and doing hundreds of push-ups. These are great forms of exercise but they're more focused around cardiovascular or muscle building, and not so much on your general mobility. Forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates will increase physical mobility by giving your core muscles greater flexibility.

By stretching and balancing your body, you decrease the limitations to your movements and build abs and defined muscle. It can occasionally be seen as a form of relaxing exercise as well, as it can still be as intense, but is slower and to your own time frame, which will leave you with a general satisfied wellness.

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