You know you're Irish when...

We're celebrating St Patrick's Day (17 March) with this compendium of Mumsnetters' true markers of Irishness. Read on to find out just how Irish you really are... 

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1. A carbonated drink is a bonafide cure all

"My granny swore by a flat tin of lemonade for everything - stomach ache, ear infection, unplanned pregnancy...."

2. Buying the right size clothes is an alien concept

Child in big suit

"When you are bought clothes eight sizes too big, 'to get the wear out of them'."


3. You ask for your tea in a certain way 

"You have a 'drop of tea'"


4. Your concept of what's warm and balmy is singular

 Winter summer

"When you call 1 February the first day of spring. We are a fiercely optimistic nation."


5. You consider rain the default weather setting

"Anything other than a full-on monsoon is described as being 'soft rain'."


6. You know the true joy of a Tayto sarnie

"Crisp sandwiches - Tayto cheese and onion only - food of the Gods."


7. You know that this is not a baby 


"A baby is a 'wee dote'." 


8. When your Granny asks this question....

"When your granny asks you if the baby just gets the run of the house."

9. You have a different word for cupboards

"People look blankly at you when you tell them what they are looking for is in the press."

10. You have fond childhood memories of shopping for these yokes

"The shops at Knock! Many happy a childhood experience looking round those shops and looking at all the blingy rosary beads and light up pictures of Mary!"

11. The word 'Ah' 

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