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Question of the day: why is this man naked, painting, in a caravan?

And why did he post it on a dating site? So many, many questions.


"Why is he naked? 
Why is he painting naked?
Why is he painting inside a caravan which, as a rule, don't need painting?
Why does he have a label above his [redacted]? What does it say?
Why has he painted two neat dabs on his hips?

Just… why?"

"I want to know who the hell took the photo.
Him: "Yeah mate, I'm on this dating site but I need a picture"
Mate: "I'll do it for you"
Him: "Brilliant, bring a tub of white paint to the caravan. I'll just go and shave my balls"
Mate: "No problem - just remember the paint brush so you can dab yourself"


"On what planet would you think 'I'd like to get myself a nice lady, so I'll get a pic of me in the nuddy...
whilst demonstrating how shite I am at decorating - and show off my caravan and my [redacted] whilst I'm at it’?”


"Seriously, what goes through guys' minds when they send photos like this?"


"He's certainly not lacking in self-confidence.
Is there a men's forum somewhere where they discuss and encourage this?"

And the most important question of all: what kind of paint is he using?


"He'd look a lot better with artful streaks of Farrow and Ball Dead Salmon.
Or maybe some of that Annie Sloan chalk paint and a distressed Welsh dresser behind him."


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