Moments you realised you were becoming your mother

Accept it. If you're not already on this slipperiest of slopes, you very soon will be

1. You're completely bewildered by the fashion choices of the young

Well I've seen everything now

"I saw a teenage boy dressed what I thought was absurdly. When he was out of earshot I said to my DH, 'What did he come as? Is this what the kids wear nowadays?'. There are a number of elements of my mother in this: (a) I noticed what some random child was wearing; (b) I commented on it in public and someone could have known I was referring to him but I didn't care; (c) I referred to anyone under my age as 'the kids'; (d) I had to ask if that was the fashion - I didn't just know."

2. You've started feeling the cold by proxy

Cold cold cold

"I have noted for years that young, fashionably-dressed people in winter will catch their death - where's their coat?"

3. You know it's their life - but they'll get it wrong without your interference guidance 

why are you trying to get me out of the house?

"My precious baby just got married and I am on a sticky slope to becoming my mum (a.k.a. The Mother in Law from Hell). I am trying extremely hard not to comment but their house is a tip and there is still no baby."

4. You can't watch TV without offering a critique

"I've started saying 'she should have her hair tied back' to any female on a cooking show with long untied hair (the same applies to huge rings on fingers when making pastry)."

"I can't watch a programme without muttering 'eee!' at least once, or gasping or saying 'aw!'."

5. And you'll happily pass comment on strangers in the street

Oh god. Youths.

"A young man was cycling fast on the pavement. I shouted after him that he was a maniac. There are numerous elements of my mother in this: (a) I felt it was okay to yell at a stranger in public; (b) I used the word 'maniac'; (c) I judged him based on his appearance; (d) I described him on MN as a 'young man'."

6. You're actually mistaken for her

Woman pouting

"I sent DH a selfie of me looking, I thought, demure and come-hither (it wasn't rude, I promise). He replied 'God, you really look like your mum in that.' He wasn't trying to be funny either."

7. Her words keep creeping out of your mouth

Blackpool illuminations

"I find myself asking 'why are all the lights on? It's not Blackpool Illuminations!' My children have never been to Blackpool, they have no idea what I'm talking about."

"I say this too. It's because my mum says it. I've never been to Blackpool."

8. And it's really starting to freak you out

Monkey jumping at reflection

"I actually heard myself sounding like my mother and looked round for her. It was me. And then I see her in shop windows, but it isn't - it's me. I think she is stalking me."

9. Actually, you may be worse than your mother

Woman holding barbie

"I think my mum might actually be a bit hipper than me. I had a 20-minute rant the other day about the skimpiness of Barbie's clothes and why can't Barbie come with a nice cardie to keep her warm? I looked up to see my mum looking at me like hmm."

10. But when all's said and done, there are worse things to be...

Mother and daughter hug

"I don't mind picking up things from my mum. I think she's amazing... my other half might not be so keen!"

"Really my mum is a diamond. She fusses about the little things, but if there was a crisis she'd be there like a rock. I hope I'm as useful."

"I'm trying very hard to channel my mum... I was 17 when she died and she was bloody awesome. She was graceful and elegant and calm and funny. If I can be half what she was, I'll be happy."

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