What did you splurge your pocket money on when you were a kid?

Mumsnetters cast their minds back to the time when you could rot your teeth on pick-and-mix for 20p, and fondly reminisce about what they were spending their pocket money on, back in the day... 


1. "My first solo trip to the newsagent with a warm 20p in hand was a massive thrill. I'd get a Jackie magazine (to be scandalised at the advice on kissing - 'practice on a pillow or the back of your hand') and I'd have enough left over for a white chocolate skull filled with pink slime. They were happy days."
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2. "I got about 50p a week. I'd spend it on comics. I remember waiting in the queue with my Bunty or Mandy and I just couldn't wait to get home to read it from cover to cover. I used to love The Four Marys."
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3. "Our local paper shop used to sell stationery. For some reason I used to use my pocket money to stock up on things like packs of elastic bands, treasury tags and accounting notebooks. I'm a teacher now. I still love stationery."

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4. "I had my first job as a chamber maid in 1979. I was 13 and I earned a fiver a week. I would spend a quid on the utter delight of a Wimpy knickerbocker glory."


5. "I'd get a 10p Mix Up! And I'd save up for a Famous Five paperback from WH Smiths... Paying full cover price too – no Amazon in the olden days!"

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6. "Chocolate skulls, chocolate tools, chocolate mice, chocolate fish and chips... I still do love chocolate."


7. "My dad used to give me £5 a week and I used to be able to get the bus to my friend's house, go to the cinema and have a Happy Meal from McDonalds, then get the bus home again. All for a fiver!"

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8. "I used to walk into the town with my older sister on a Saturday morning. She'd get a quarter of a pound of pear drops and Jackie magazine, and I'd get a quarter of sherbet pips and Twinkle. It never occurred to us to get anything different. It was just what we did."

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9. "I remember vividly the day my brother and I went to the shop to buy crisps, and they'd gone up from 3p to 3.5p. We stood there counting on our fingers and trying to work out if we had enough money. Trouble was, neither of us knew how to do fractions yet!"

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10. "GEL PENS. Oh the mighty coveted gel pens. Also sparkly hair clips, clip-on earrings, body glitter and glittery hair mascara. I'd also get Mizz magazine that came with some plasticy free thingymebob and pages you could cut out and put on your wall."
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