What makes the perfect Milk Tray man (or woman)

Thirty-five years since his first appearance, the Milk Tray Man is being modernised for the 21st century. We asked Mumsnetters who they'd nominate for the role...

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1. Seems they're looking for someone who's thoughtful, kind and hot 

"I think the modern day Milk Tray Man would be someone like Idris Elba - a beautiful strong man who knows how important women are - because he has been raised properly by his mother!"

2. They'd be quite keen on office delivery 

"Emily Blunt scaling the heights of an office building to deliver it in time for the 4pm slump, perhaps..."

3. They'd appreciate someone who'd go the extra mile

"I would like the Milk Tray man to wade through a Scottish bog, dressed in Gore-Tex, bringing the chocolate to a small tent perched by a rainy loch. Probably a bit niche. But that's when I'd be most grateful for chocolate."

4. And would be perfectly content with a Milk Tray woman

"How about Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins with Sue as the Milk Tray woman and Mel as the lady who loves Milk Tray?"

"It would have to be Jessica Ennis, she could literally do anything!"

"I'd love to see Miranda Hart if we're going for a Milk Tray woman."

5. The more the merrier, actually

"I envisage it a bit like the Kingsman secret service where there are several of them all acting for one secret organisation with a good cause... Except instead of being suited and booted they are 'undercover' agents in normal clothes and professions."

6. Speaking of merry - someone funny would be great

"I'd go down the comical, spoof line and have Peter Kay dressed in black, polo neck, with a half eaten box of chocs under his arm."

7. And a few additional skills wouldn't go amiss

"Maybe he could put up some shelves, run the vac round and then leave a box of Milk Tray?"

8. Finally, a heads-up: it's quite possible we've already bought our own

"Have your typical Milk Tray man turn up on a woman's doorstep and her telling him 'No thanks, love, I've bought my own' before closing the door on him ;-)."

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