13 unexpected perks of parenting

 1. Get out of anything - ANYTHING - that you don't care to do

Mr Darcy at Netherfield

"My default excuse for not attending another tedious party is 'we can't get a babysitter' (I haven't even asked). How on earth did I shirk these things before my son came along?"


2. A chance to relive your own childhood


"I now get to play with all the toys my parents wouldn't buy me."

"Being legitimately able to go to the park and swing on the swings."


3. Reaping the VIP (that's very important parent) benefits

Smug hair flick

"Parent & Child parking spaces (when I can find one)."

"You can jump airport queues once checked in!"


4. Having infinite power

Family laughing

"I love having to spell out words when we don't want the kids to know something. No idea why it appeals to me so much."

"Being the fount of all knowledge - they have no idea if you get something wrong."


5. Widening your friendship circle


"We lived in our village for two years before having my son without knowing anyone. I now know loads of local people and have a lovely group of friends."


6. Fishfingers (and other delicious delicacies) 

"I love having a fridge full of Petit Filous."

"Leftover dinner and dessert."


7. Guaranteed cover for your embarrassing personal habits 


"Singing in the street. I used to do it anyway, but now I get indulgent smiles and not alarmed glares."

"I pass wind whenever the need arises and then pull a face and smell my closest child's bum."


8. Chocolate, and other assorted treats

"Everyone needs an Easter egg - the Easter bunny wouldn't skip Mummy!"

"Stopping for 'snack breaks' when out - a great excuse for cake and tea."


9. A second bite at the tween style cherry

"I wear multicoloured hair bobbles with no shame! Given them occasionally by my daughter, aged four."


10. An extra pair of hands

toddler pushing buggy

"Having a buggy with me at all times to hang the shopping from. How did I ever manage with just two hands?"


11. And a full retinue of personal staff 

Washing up

"My daughter can now make a cup of tea. Job done."

"Having my own advisors 'in house' when I need someone to explain the latest technology to me."


12. In-depth knowledge of pop culture


"That feeling of being young again because you can talk knowledgeably about Zayn Malik's reasons for leaving One Direction. I know loads of teenage stuff now that I wouldn't have known as a teenager because I was too nerdy."


13. And finally, feeling important (because you really are)

Boy looking at plant

"Explaining things to my curious son. I love how interested he is in the world, and how I get to be one of the people to help him learn about it."

"Watching my daughter grow into a funny and beautiful young girl and having that 'I made her' moment."


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