Two under two: a survival guide

When you've got a newborn baby and a toddler, life can be all kinds of challenging. Have no fear though - these are Mumsnetters' top tips for sailing through life with two under two (relatively) unscathed

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1. Get out of the house

"We aim to have mornings out every day, otherwise I'd go up the wall."

2. No, seriously: GET OUT. Toddler groups are your new best friend

"I went to all the toddler groups going, I went to parks and to see friends, and generally tried not to be at home with them on my own."

"Keep them busy - I go to three toddler groups a week, baby gymnastics once a week, my daughter starts baby ballet soon and I'm looking to get my son into a football club. The more you have to keep them busy, the easier bedtimes are!"

3. Encourage synchronised naps

"I used to get mine napping at the same time, quite often; that did help."

"My holy grail is when they both sleep at the same time - my six-month-old finally getting into the routine of a long(ish) lunchtime nap with her big sister."

4. Invest in a playpen

"There's 16 months between my boys, and my greatest help in the early days was a playpen."

"I used to feed my second son while my first son was in the pen watching CBeebies; then my second son would go into the pen to be safe while my older son ran and played outside."

5. And while you're at it, get a sling or baby carrier too

"I used a sling a lot, so I still had my hands free to play with my eldest."

6. Get big brother/sister involved with the baby

"Get the toddler involved as much as possible. My daughter loves helping me bath her little brother, feed him and is happy to entertain him for a while whilst I do a little housework. We place a lot of emphasis on how helpful and grown up she is, and how important big sisters are."

7. Recognise the benefits of screen time


"Charlie and Lola was a godsend when mine were that age."

"It does get easier - as everyone says, lower your standards, use the TV when you need to and don't feel bad about it."

8. Remember the lovely perks too

"It's hard, there's no denying it. But the trade-off in later years is how close they are. My second son is 21 months older than my twin sons; he just turned six, they're four, and they are all so matey."

"One thing I can say with absolute confidence is that you won't regret having two close together. Seeing my son stroke my daughter's head or hold her hand makes all the difficult stuff just melt away."

And, if all else fails

"Drink plenty of wine/gin at the end of the day - or any time post-11am."



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