Best family memories? Just add kids and chaos

Sometimes EVERYTHING goes to pot - no matter how much planning you do. Mumsnetters share the stories they know will become treasured family day

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The one with the go-cart carnage



"The day when my kids decided to make and go on a homemade go-cart. Cue one burst lip and the other one in hysterics over the blood loss. Life lessons were learned that day. I discovered that chocolate does indeed solve all problems; the kids learned that a sheet of unsecured plywood and a skateboard does not a go-cart make."

The airport loo lockdown 


"Missing a flight to Frankfurt as our son had locked himself in the bathroom of the airport hotel by accident."

The tyre blowout it's still hard to laugh about


"We got a flat tyre on Bodmin Moor, in a dreadful rainstorm, with the car loaded to the ceiling with holiday stuff. We had to empty the boot at the side of the road to get to the spare, and used children to anchor our stuff to stop it getting blown/washed away. We do laugh about it now, but the journey home was mostly silent."

The exploding beanbag and scene from Frozen


"The kids finding the zip on the beanbag chair that was filled with tiny white foam balls. We are still finding the balls two years later in random drawers and under beds. They were pretending it was Frozen and leaping around in it all when I discovered them."

The great camping disaster


"Family camping trip. Woken at 3am in pitch darkness by five-year-old daughter calling,  'I feel sick'. Before I got to her we heard splashing noises as vomit hit every surface. Sides of tent, sleeping bag, air bed, etc. No running water within 50 metres. Feeble torch and one pack of wet wipes were the best we had! And back and forth to tap with small saucepan. Guess who couldn't get back to sleep for fear of a repeat!"

The mystery of the missing stick


"My son and cousins were all having a great time at Bedgebury Pinetum until my son lost his favourite stick. He had a complete meltdown. We had to retrace our steps through dense forest looking for a particular stick. A stick that he couldn't remember quite what it looked like but would know it when he saw it."

The potty pride before a fall


"The day my daughter first did a wee on the potty - I was so overjoyed and rang my mum to tell her. Which meant I completely missed the poo she subsequently did on the floor.....which she walked through."

The unbearable temptation of fresh fruit


"We'd just moved to the countryside trying to be more earth mothery and so we spent the morning blackberry picking. I then sat my two-year-old in front of the telly while I dashed round doing a quick tidy before lunch guests arrived. Five minutes in I noticed she was being a bit too quiet, felt a tap on my leg and turned round to see Violet Beauregard. She was literally purple from head to toe."

The Sudocrem adventure trail


"The day our daughter got hold of the Sudocrem and applied it liberally to her feet before walking through the house to show us."

And <eek> the one with the spiders


"Last year we were just moving into our new house and had a table donated to us. Little did I know that it had been sitting in a shed for a couple of months. A spider-filled shed at that. It was proper chaos as about 10 of the huge beasts emerged over the next 30 minutes. The teenager is the only one who isn't afraid of them and so day one in our new home was spent with me and four children hiding in a locked bathroom screaming "Have you got them all yet?" at my poor son."

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