The Great British family night in

In the age of tablets and smart phones, creative thinking is required to get the family to spend quality time together. We asked Mumsnetters to share their top tips

1. Get this party started!

dad dancing

"We usually get a pizza for dinner and then take it in turns to pick music on YouTube. The kids have a dance about while we educate them in the ways of decent music."  

2. Cook up a storm


"Instead of going out for dinner we give the kids £10 each to spend at a supermarket. We use what they've bought to cook a meal together."

3. Put on something that EVERYONE wants to watch


"With two teenagers, it's hard to find family time - so once a week all the phones are left alone and we settle down to watch Gogglebox with a big bar of chocolate and some ice cream."

4. Break out the Monopoly board. Or four Monopoly boards.

monopoly argument   

"We love Monopoly - so much so that we play with four boards  laid alongside each other, to create a Mega-Monopoly. Of course, it causes Mega Monopoly arguments..." 

5. Have a night out without leaving the house

movie night 

"The kids turn the front room into a cinema. One son got a popcorn maker for Christmas, the other a gummy sweet maker; they draw up a menu, lay out lots of squishy pillows, throws and things, and put up a poster telling us what's showing."

6. What's for dinner? Whatever you want


"We love a proper sit-down roast dinner. It's a greatest hits meal - all about making everyone's favourites, not trying new things. It's my absolute favourite time of the week."

7. We said board games, right? 

board games     

"A family night here involves everyone getting into their PJs. Tablets and phones are turned off, and we play board games from the early 80s - which the kids find very cool."  

8. Make sure there's something hot. And something nicely chilled...

wood stove       

"Woodburner on. Chilled wine for us and lemonade for our daughter - plus bowls of savoury snacks and a few bars of chocolates. And a good family film on Netflix."  

9. And if all else fails, how about dressing for dinner?


"Once a week we all stay in, dress up as each other and have to be that person for the whole night. It's a bummer when you get the cat."

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