Thrush: 13 ways to beat the yeasty demon

What's “hot, sore and itchy as a mo fo”? Why, thrush of course - it’s flippin’ awful, and we probably all don’t talk about it enough. Take a look at Mumsnetters’ best tips to help you avoid, in the words of one distressed sufferer, "clawing off your own fanjo"



In case you've never had it (and if so, lucky you), here's one Mumsnetter's description of the sensation it gives rise to: 



But all is not lost. Here are some of the Things You Can Do, handily subdivided by category. Good luck.


Science stuff you can do

1) Get the pessary or the tablet or the cream.

2) Fluconazole tablets (“much cheaper if you buy them from Amazon; I keep one in stock, as even next day delivery isn't soon enough when you really need one!”)


Free stuff you can do

frozen peas

3) “Coolwashing; it works wonders"

4) “Cotton undies/lying about nekkid helps.”

5) “Sit on a bag of frozen peas.”


Earthy stuff you can do

6) Use bio yoghurt for treatment and relief. "Yoghurt puts back the gut flora you need for a healthy system. Slap it on your floojy too to address the current crisis, but address the underlying cause and eat (plain) yoghurt every day."

7) "Cut out sugar, yeast, alcohol, simple carbs until this crisis is over and you've got your system back on a healthy footing."

8) “A few drops of tea tree oil in some warm water applied to the affected area should do the trick. It is a very powerful antifungal (as well as having the antibacterial properties everyone knows about), so very effective against thrush. It's decades since I've had thrush, but doing this solved the problem very rapidly indeed.”

9) “If you're brave, mash up a garlic clove with some water and pop the garlicy water on yourself. It will hurt like a mother fucker but it will help. You can pop a clove inside yourself too. (Honestly, it was 3am, I was about to rip my eyes out and this was my saving grace.)”


Hacks you can do

thrush lolly

10)  “I've just googled, and think I can fashion a tampon into a bio yogurt delivery system.”

11) “If you have any condoms, freeze one with water and, well, apply.” “What about an ice lolly?”

12) "In my 20s, I had pretty permenant thrush. Trying to hold down a job in a trendy office in a hot summer with a fanjo on fire is no fun. I ended up buying those plastic shapes that you put in the freezer and use instead of ice cubes - and then selecting the most appropriately shaped ones (dolphins, I think) and inserting them into the offending area for instant cooling relief. Sadly, such was the state of my blazing fanjo, they didn't stay frozen for very long - but I kept a stash in the office fridge/freezer and bizarrely noone questioned me." 


Other stuff to do

13) "Just be absolutely sure it's thrush. I had months of misery thinking I had it, it turned out to be bacterial vaginosis and required completely different type of treatment."


NB: Information published on Mumsnet is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information. The information is not intended to be nor is it to be treated as a substitute for professional advice relative to a specific condition or question.

A visit to your GP is always advisable when you have a nasty itch or symptoms persist for several days. Advice given here is from people who have lived through the 'This too shall pass' phase to tell the tale, but if in doubt, do seek medical advice!


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