Single parenthood: why it rules

According to a new survey, children living with a single parent or step-parent are just as happy as those living with two biological parents - hoorah! In honour of the many lone parents and parents of blended families here on MN, here are a few of their favourite things about the way their families work.

1) Freedom! 

"All the decisions are now yours. This may seem scary at first, but believe me, it's great being able to choose the paint or sofa without compromising." 

wall painting


2) Better telly

"The remote is mine."

Coronation Street


3) Self-sufficiency

"Maintenance and odd jobs: <blushes> despite us both working, my ex did all the 'manly' jobs round the house. Not his fault - we just fell into a pattern. Now I take some pride in being able to change a wheel and unblock a drain."



4) Optimum reading conditions 

"I can roll myself in the duvet like a sausage roll and keep books next to my head."



5) New hobbies

"I've taken up running and feel very connected to my friends. Am dealing with the finances at the moment - petrifying, but will be a big achievement. Life is exhausting but most definitely better!"

In Her Shoes


6) Controlling your own finances 

"Having half the income I used to and still having more left at the end of the week (go figure)."

money cat



"I have a magical relationship with my boys now. Double the love, double the kisses and double the hugs from them."



8) Ultimate authority

"In my house there is one set of rules and consequences, enforced solely by me, so children know I mean what I say. The result is a happy, harmonious household. I'm sure that's achievable within a relationship, but it's a lot harder as obviously adults have their own beliefs."

Von Trapp family


9) Silly dancing 

"I can have my son's undivided attention and he can have mine. And we always do what we want - we do lots of silly dancing together and no one takes the piss."


mother dances with son


10) Taking all the credit 

"Best thing for me is knowing my oldest son (who is now 18) has turned into a kind, sensitive, confident, loyal and honest young man, and it was all down to me."

young man


11) Naked lounging

"Being able to sit with little clothing or even naked (when kids aren't here) without someone thinking I'm up for a bit!"

breast clap


12) Reduced rage

"The lack of day-to-day resentment of another adult not doing their share."

Single Father cleaning


13) Open-mindedness

"It's just another way of being a family."

Sleepless in Seattle


14) And most importantly of all...

"I can Mumsnet all night without getting tutted at."

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Last updated: about 3 years ago