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The Mumsnet Scottish Referendum debate: seven of the finest moments

On Wednesday 10 September, Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling came on to Mumsnet to conduct their final debate on Scottish independence before the vote. Don't have time to read the whole thing? Here are some key points to take away ...


1) Alex Salmond channelled Buddha

On claims of bullying and intimidation in his campaign: "It would be entirely wrong to suggest, whatever some newspapers have claimed, that this is any way typical of the 99% of campaigners who are having an enlightening and joyous political campaign."

Dalai Lama


2) Alistair Darling branded Salmond’s currency strategy 'mad'

"Mr Salmond’s floated the daft idea of a Scottish pound. Of course Scotland can use the pound. Like Panama uses the dollar. We could also use the yen, the rouble or the dollar. The crucial point is that it would be somebody else's currency, leaving us with no control over interest rates; If this really is Alex's Plan B, it is mad."

Piggy Bank Yen eyes


3) Salmond confirmed that Scots can continue to get excited about the second Royal baby (or continue to resent the excitement about the second Royal baby)

"Our proposal is to reverse the Westminster parliamentary union, not the union of the crowns, which pre-dated it."

Kate and Will


4) Darling likened Scottish independence to a road traffic accident 

On accusations of scaremongering: "If I saw you step out in front of a bus and I shouted a warning, would that be scaremongering, would it?"

London Bus


5) Salmond told us not to sweat border control

"There really won't be border controls, any more than there are right now with Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands ... that was just another of the scare stories the No camp have run."

You shall not pass


6) Alistair Darling proved his love of Scotland with the obligatory Tunnock’s teacake reference

"This has been great. Thank you so much for all of the questions and the replies. I'm back off on the campaign trail now with my Tunnock's teacake in my pocket. Best wishes to you all."



7) ...while in the video below, Alex Salmond exclusively revealed that he's on the Beyoncé diet (yes, really)





Last updated: over 3 years ago