Suzanne Moore's 10 tips for great writing

At this year's Blogfest, Suzanne Moore - award-winning journalist and all-round iconoclast - gave these tips for becoming the best writer you can be. Keep them to hand, and they will inspire you when you feel you've lost your literary way.

1. If you want to write, read. There is no shortcut here. 


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2. Care. If you don't care about your subject, I'm not going to care when I read about it. 


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3. A little passion goes a long way. The retrieval of information in an internet age means lists of facts are not enough. Still, you must check your facts. Google is not God.


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4. No one else has your voice. You may not be able to sing but you can love singing. Loving is much harder than hating in writing.


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5. Never wear headphones in public. Listen to what people tell you. 


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6. Surprise yourself. If you're bored writing, I'm going to be bored reading it.


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7. Connection is everything. 
The connection of ideas, of the personal and the political, of the past and the present.


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8. Always leave the comfort zone. 


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9. Never think that writing is about writing - it's about living. Live as much as you can.

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10. Understand that for every writer, for every creative person, it's always a battle between ego and insecurity. It is always about a desire to change the world, and we change it word by word. I believe we will change it.


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And one more for luck: Ignore the rules. Piss everybody off.

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