Songs to sob along to: the Mumsnet playlist

Is there a song that has you welling up from the opening chords? A recent thread asked, "what music makes you cry when you just think about it?”, and the responses had everyone in the Towers reaching for the tissues. In need of a good wail? We've done the Youtube and Spotify work so you don't have to ...


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

"The Hawaiian version of somewhere over the rainbow <wail>."


Fix You

 “My son was in the Special Care Baby Unit when he was born for 4 days and this made me sob” 



Black Beauty

“Mine is the theme tune to the 70s TV series Black Beauty. The closing credits with the black horse galloping through the wheat field.”


Fields of Gold

 “Fields of Gold, the Eva Cassidy version. Every time.”



“Having had 2 premature babies, "Wires" by Athlete gets me every time."


Slipping Through My Fingers 

"If you are a parent and you can get through that song without your eyes moistening, congratulations. I can't make it to the first chorus without descending into hideous, chest-heaving, light-headed weeping," writes Mumsnet blogger Put Up With the Rain.


Auld Lang Syne 

"Rituals always make me emotional, and New Year is charged with so many emotions. This year was the first one I spent away from my folks' house, and I opened the front door at midnight and stood in the cold night air, knowing that they were doing the same thing hundreds of miles away, and seriously thought I was going to keep the tears in until Auld Lang Syne started”

I Dreamed a Dream

 “I do housework to the Les Mis album - hoovering with tears running down your face really perks you up"



Feel My Love

"Adele's version of Feel My Love makes me sob as it reminds me of my best friend who passed away. I used to take the piss out of her for being a big fan. Now I listen to her every time she is on the radio."


Listen to the playlist and weep...


Last updated: about 3 years ago