Shared moments of joy

Sheesh, parenting is hard work. Luckily, the moments of joy you share with your children somehow make it all worthwhile

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1. "For me it's the simple things that count. Nothing beats cuddling up with a child and a book."


2. "We had our first bike ride together the other day, and it was just wonderful."


3. "All of us singing to the CD player in the car - because we know no one can hear us. We're quite loud - God forbid somebody should hear us!"


4. "I love going for an evening run with my little boy. He's elated when we are running in step together. A little thing to me but big to him."


5. "When my daughter looks up with her big eyes and says 'Adventure, Mummy?' Everything is an adventure when you're two."

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6. "I love when we have a silly few minutes together having a funny dance and singing to whatever comes on the radio - the eldest two rush in and dance like loons in the kitchen and I can't resist joining in."


7. "Every night I make up a story about my daughter and her toy rabbit. It's very personal and special to her."


8. "My son running into my arms when he sees me picking him up from nursery."


9. "I love it when my son earnestly shows me what he has built on Minecraft, like it is the most amazing thing in the world."

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10. "When my son says I'd better hold his hand while we're walking, so I'm safe."

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