17 unhealthy fictional crushes

Dick Van Dyke but only in Mary Poppins...

Dick Van Dyke



Just caught myself fancying Aladdin

Aladdin photo Aladdin_zps52bad96b.gif


 Mr. Rochester

Mr Rochester photo FICT_Mr_Rochester_zpscf1edb1f.gif


I thought Sawyer in Lost was gorgeous - think the sarcasm did it for me. Oh, and how he actually fell for Juliet (in your face, Kate - should have made your mind up sooner).

I think I have some issues I need to go away and work on...




Mr spock.

Superhuman strength. Telepathic. Pon Farr. I rest my case.

Mr Spock photo FICT_star_trek_zps1455ab97.gif


 Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin


"Jessica Rabbit"


Jessica Rabbit


Toby from The West Wing 

Toby West Wing


Hannibal Lectur.He's so cultured,intelligent and has a really seductive mind

 photo FICT_Hannibal_zpsfd312ba9.gif


Sandy Cohen AND Seth Cohen in the OC, which is probably very wrong.  

Sandy and Seth Cohen 


Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.

 photo J_Lan_zpsc0d39b8b.gif


Dick Van Dyke but only in Mary Poppins...

Dick Van Dyke





Loki from the Avengers. Oh yes.




Henry Cavill in The Tudors pphhhwwooooaaaargh.

 photo FICT_cavalli_zps7347d4df.gif  


Puss in Boots as brought to life by Antonio Banderas


Puss in Boots


Spanish Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

 photo FICT_BUZZ_zps4c286ebb.gif



 The fox from Robin Hood - it's the voice I swear 

Fox Robin Hood 





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