Mumsnet reviews ... the best disposable nappies

As any seasoned nappy-changer knows, having the right tools for the job is imperative if you're to avoid the catastrophe referred to by Mumsnetters as 'poonami'. Here are the top five disposables, from our reviews section.


 Baby in nappy


Pampers Baby-Dry nappies1. Pampers Baby-Dry

"Best nappy on the market. A little more expensive than most; if I had the money they are the only ones I would buy ever. I eke them out by buying cheap nappies and save these for nighttime use and days out. Only had one or two leaks when using them in almost two years. Brilliant!"



Lidl Toujours nappies2. Lidl Toujours

"These are brilliant. Slim, cute, cheap, don't stink of chemicals when full, stretchy and soft and don't give DS nappy rash."




Tesco Everyday Value nappies3. Tesco Everyday Value

"We have been using these for our three-year-old, who wears nappies at night only, for about three months. We've had no leaks of either kind, no skin irritation and no complaints! Would highly recommend."



Nature Babycare nappies4. Nature Babycare

"These nappies been the best we've used. They are leak free, don't cause a rash and are less guilt-inducing than others available. They cost a bit more but when I've had to use other brands they have leaked and made my DD sore."



Pampers New Baby5. Pampers New Baby

"The only ones we tried that didn't leak. Even the velcro fastener feels better designed than others. Worth the little extra in cost."


Last updated: about 3 years ago