Reasons my child cried today

Be cheered by the knowledge that your child isn't the only irrational one...

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"Because, 'I want my mummyyyyyy!'. I was cuddling her at the time."

"Because she was standing on her shadow."

"Because Coco Pops made his milk turn brown."

"Because he isn't a cat, hasn't got soft fur all over him and doesn't get stroked."

"Because her brother chased an imaginary ball that I'd thrown for her when she was pretending to be a dog."

"Because we wouldn't let him set off on a trip to the Amazon. He'd packed and everything."

"Because I wouldn't stop the rain."

"Because butterflies never get to see their own children."

"Because her pointy cheese (a cut-off wedge of Edam) wasn't pointy enough."

"Because he doesn't have a beard. He has just turned two."

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