Decline and fail: 15 terrible ways to turn down an invitation

Some excuses are so bonkers that you can't help but admire them. Mumsnetters share their 'favourite' crap reasons for turning down an invite

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1. "My sister- and brother-in-law cancelled dinner as she was 'too upset about not getting a dog'." 

2. "A friend of the family said they wouldn't be coming to our wedding as they might have problems parking."

3. "My aunt and uncle didn't want to come to my dad's funeral in case they had problems with their plumbing whilst away."  


4. "One of my friends cancelled three hours before my birthday dinner because she 'just felt like staying at home and watching Netflix'."

5. "A friend's grandma refused a 60th birthday party invite because she had to stay home to draw the curtains."

6. "We invited my sister-in-law and her new boyfriend up. She phoned on the day to say they wouldn't be coming in case we made fun of her boyfriend's big nose."

7. "Someone cancelled an acceptance to our wedding because they were feeling fluey. Which would be fine, except that they made this excuse three weeks before the wedding date."

8."Some friends refused an invite because their baby was worried about her upcoming first jabs."


9. "My husband's Spanish aunt said she couldn't come to our wedding as it was in October and she might need to be there when the grapes were being picked. Not that she would pick them herself - just oversee. She doesn't own a vineyard; just a few grapes in the garden."

10. "I once told a friend that I was locked INSIDE my flat to get out of meeting up."

11. "My husband's grandma wouldn't come round the last time we visited his parents because 'they will have the heating on too high and I don't want my varicose veins getting worked up'."

12. "My godmother didn't come to my First Communion because it was the first day of the sales."

13. "Some family members thought our wedding reception was being held in a 'rough postcode', and they were worried their car might get nicked."

14. "Someone didn't come to my event because he had to have a poo every day at 7:00 p.m, and liked to sit in on the loo for an hour with a newspaper and a cup of tea."

15. "My friend assured me she couldn't go and see a Mumford & Sons gig because she wanted to cut the hedge." 

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