Random stuff my child takes to bed with them

Nodding off with a teddy bear is for amateurs - these kids have taken things to the next level

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"My daughter is two. I've just popped in to check she's still wearing her nappy, and found her asleep clutching an arm band.

This tends to be a nightly thing for her. I've found various things including her potty, a fireman's helmet, a dog brush, a bottle of shampoo, and an umbrella."

child sleeping with fireman's helment

"Mine has gone to bed cuddling a cherry tomato before." 

"My daughter used to take an empty bubble bath container (test tube-shaped and covered in glitter) to bed. It was her sister, apparently. She was called Claudia."

"My son got rather attached to some boil-in-the-bag basmati rice that ended up in bed with him on more than one occasion. He loved that bag of rice. It went everywhere with him for a while, until he took it in the bath. RIP Ricey."

Angelic rice

"My daughter has taken a small silk bag with a random assortment of Barbie shoes to bed with her tonight, along with her tooth. She reckons the tooth fairy might give her more money in exchange for the shoes."

"An acquaintance of mine has a son who used to take a pet cabbage to bed every night. She used to have to slip in while he was asleep and change it for a fresh one every so often."

"My son is currently snuggled up to a clean Cars pull-up nappy, which he informs me is in fact a bag of sweets. Its name is Sweetie Car. If I've been a good mummy I get offered an imaginary sweet from it."

"Mine takes a pet rock to bed with him. The rock's name is Bob and he wears a smart ribbon round his middle during the day, which is apparently when he goes to work."

"My son has a bicycle pump that he adores. We call it Pumpy."

And finally:

"Mumsnet would be horrified by my toddler: he's obsessed with loo brushes..."

child with loobrush

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