Things you let your kids get away with when they're ill

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Can't resist relaxing the usual household rules when a child is ill? MNers share the special allowances they make when their kids are feeling grotty.




"Endless DVDs - normally they don't watch any on a school day, but they can watch anything if they're ill."

"Watching Frozen five times in a row!"


Messy room

"We make it a nag-free day: only for the day, as long as it doesn't become a regular occurrence."

"I let them make a mess without telling them off."

"Jobs and homework are abandoned for the day."


Dog cuddles















"It's the only time the dog is allowed upstairs. He snuggles up with the invalid to keep them company."

"They get away with not finishing their main course - usually that would be a strict no-no, especially where vegetables are concerned!"

"They get to eat their food in bed or on the sofa, when they would normally have to sit at the table."

"The chocolate drawer gets opened more often."


Ice cream

"Having ice cream for breakfast!"

"They're allowed to stay in a onesie all day and don't have to shower."

"They can stay in bed 'til lunchtime."


boy in duvet

"I let them stay up an hour later to treat them."

But remember folks - you can go too far... 


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"Last time my daughter was ill I promised her she could buy her brother a chicken for his birthday. She and DH have just phoned with the clucker in the back of the car. My husband sounded strained. Daughter is ecstatic. Chicken didn't comment."




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