Things to make you and your family feel better when you're poorly

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We asked MNers what makes their families feel better when they’re feeling poorly, and they came up with this lovely list of comforting things. Keep it to hand for when you're all feeling a bit grotty. 


1. The classic: a massive bowl of chicken soup Campbells chicken soup

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"It makes me feel better because it's what my mum used to give me - the kids love it too."


2. Fresh, crisp PJs

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"Clean pyjamas and fresh bedding is the best thing ever."


3. Treats, please <sick voice> 

bridget duvet

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"Duvet day on the sofa, cuddles from me - and whatever treats they ask for in their sick voice."


4. Being allowed to sleep in Mum and Dad's bed


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"For my children, it’s snuggling up in mummy and daddy's bed - ideally with mummy and a pile of story books."


5. Wallowing in self-indulgent TV

Mr Darcy

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"The BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice playing end-to-end." 


6. Extra screen time (and then some more)


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"Somehow most aches and pains recede into the distance when he gets absorbed in Minecraft or other electronic game of the moment..."


7. REAL tissues (none of this toilet roll nonsense)

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"I always have soft tissues for my delicate shnozza"


8. A steaming-hot bath
dog bath

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"I love a long, hot bath - but hate getting out at the end. It's such a lot of effort to get dried and dressed again!"


9. And of course, human affection <sob>
Lord of the Rings hug

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"Mostly it's the cuddles with the DCs that help." 

Last updated: about 3 years ago