New Year's resolutions for the health-conscious

Whether you want to lose three stone or run 3k, get a healthy kick-start this New Year with Mumsnetters' resolutions

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1. "To stop looking up any health symptoms I may have on websites. Turns me into a flippin' hypochondriac."

2. "To give up smoking (for the 25th year in a row)."
3. "To stop putting off things till I lose weight, as before I know it my 20s will be gone and I will have done nothing as I'm waiting for that magical moment I feel 'right'."
4. "To run a 5k for charity."
5. "Finish off the last of the Christmas food... Then join Weight Watchers."
6. "To work on my core strength by doing pilates or yoga."
7. "To lose fat off my middle by eating better, hula hooping like mad and running and walking lots."
8. "To shag at least four times a week, (should help with losing weight)."
9. "To attempt to cut down my wine consumption by buying smaller wine glasses." 


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Last updated: 5 months ago