New Year's resolutions for the eco-conscious

Want to simplify your life and perhaps reduce your carbon footprint into the bargain? Mumsnetters share their resolutions for a good life

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1. "This time next year I intend to have emptied and eBayed 50% of my household possessions."

2. "To shop ethically and locally."

3. "To try and create less waste by shopping for food more efficiently."

4. "To use supermarkets less and the local butcher, greengrocer, and fishmonger more."

5. "Start walking more places (which is hard) as I hate cold winds and feel the cold more than any other living creature that has ever lived before me or will ever live after me."

6. "Switch from plastic milk cartons to using a milkman."

7. "Invest in a steam cleaner and cut down on all manner of cleaning lotions and potions."

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