New Year's resolutions for the career-conscious

Stepping back into the world of work in 2017, or going in a new direction? Mumsnetters' resolutions will help you move forward with confidence

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1. "To be more productive at work - less coffee and chat, less working late."

2. "To take control of my diary and stop spending all my time in pointless meetings."

3. "Arrive early at work for the feeling and impression of being 'on top of shit'."

4. "Get some relevant work experience through volunteering and figure out if I really want to retrain - and if so start the next steps."

5. "To tidy up my CV and find a job that's both rewarding and fulfilling."

6. "To get dressed in 'outside clothes' every day, regardless of whether I'm working from home or not."

7. "Stop spending my free time freaking out about work/things I cant change."

8. "To focus completely on work when I'm there."

9. "To find a new job which is at least as well paid as my current job, as interesting, which develops my career, has sensible hours, sensible commuting distance and flexibility - should be a cinch!"

10. "Find a way to make a living from posting on Mumsnet so I can do my job without worrying about getting my ass fired for posting on Mumsnet."

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