The mystery of the raspberries in the freezer

Are you sitting comfortably?

"I have just been to the chest freezer in the garage," explains Prepperpig, "and it contains nine tubs of what looks and smells like raspberries, blitzed up a bit and put into ice cream tubs. I haven't put them there. They weren't there yesterday. DH is away in Wales and so it wasn't him. Who the flip has filled my freezer with mushed up raspberries?!"



"Your mum?" - georgethesecond

"My mum lives two hours away. I think she'd have mentioned it if she was going to carry nine tubs of raspberries up on the train and pop them in my freezer."

"My bottom freezer drawer is full of blackberries. But I put them there. Is this helping in any way?" asked BigStripeyBastard.

Psipsina: <picks up her notepad and licks pencil> "When is the last time you actually looked in your freezer? We need to establish timescales."

We confirm that the garage is attached to the house, wasn't locked, that Prepperpig was at home most of the day and the house has electric gates.

"Electric gates? DO YOU LIVE IN SOUTHFORK?" - ElizabethHoover

southfork gates

HoraceCope is the first to address the elephant in the room. "Did you agree to this drunkenly?" To which Prepperpig replies that it is "quite possible that I drunkenly agreed to a random person using my freezer for raspberry storage purposes."

Back to the timeline. Prepperpig "last used the freezer last night at approximately 6pm when I negligently fed the DCs frozen ready made curries for dinner. I then haven't been back out to the freezer. The only clue is that they are in carte d'or ice cream tubs."

"Are you sure they only appeared today?" wonders BadgersNadgers. "Could they have been hiding under the oven chips?"

"Mysterious red puree in freezer. Husband in Wales. It sounds like one of The Tales of the Unexpected," says PTAblues. "Cue naked girls dancing in the flames."

tales of the unexpected

"Check the rest of the freezer," suggests Buttercup27 helpfully. "You never know, there may be the starter and main course in the other drawers."

The discussion takes a darker turn. "Am I the only person concerned with where the raspberries used to be, and why they're not there anymore?" asks Pruedent. "I mean, remember that thread where the OP's alcoholic neighbour was hiding his empties in her hedge? Maybe prepperpig's neighbour has a terrible raspberry addiction, and has had to resort to hiding the evidence in the OP's chest freezer. It's a cry for help. Or maybe Prepperpig's got a neighbour who, due to the rain and wind, isn't getting the patio re-laid until after the bank holiday and now needs the space in their own freezer to hide the body!"

At this point, Prepperpig's children enter the story. "DSs are 10 and 8 and deny all knowledge. DS1 has offered to see whether it's zombie remains or mushed raspberries - but I think letting him taste test might be negligent parenting."

By the miracle of modern technology (and cookies) Twunk reveals her phone is now displaying The World's Most Targeted Advertising - "My Mumsnet ad is telling me to buy freezer locks!" Prepperpig is annoyed, and points out, quite reasonably, "Surely I should be getting the freezer lock advertising? I am getting modular sofas!"

Of course this is all very well if you like frozen fruit. "I'd be so upset if I went to my freezer and discovered this!" admits ILikeTrains. "Six tubs of ice cream and not a drop of ice cream in any of them."

Having investigated further, Prepperpig reveals that not all the tubs, in fact, contain raspberries. "One tub of blackcurrants. One tub of blackberries. Seven tubs of raspberries (apologies for misleading everyone with the nine tubs of raspberries thing at the outset)."

freezer raspberries

Which begins to raise alarm bells with other Mumsnetters. "So, it's gone from nine raspberry, to seven raspberry, one blackberry and one blackcurrant?" splutters MomAgain1. "That's quite a drip feed."

As for what to do with the raspberries, PelvicFloorClenchReminder comes up with a doozy: "I too have a freezer featuring large amounts of frozen raspberries. I put them there though, because Nigel Slater said that if you put them in the whizzer with double cream you get instant raspberry ice cream. I haven't tried it yet though due to my consistent failure to obtain double cream. Do you have double cream? If so, can you check if it works for me please?"

nigel slater

By the next morning, there was still no resolution. "No explanation has emerged so far (but DH is still snoring in bed having arrived back at about 2am when I was fast asleep and not in a fit state to ask about frozen fruit)."

The mystery continues...

Last updated: about 3 years ago