Mumsnetters share their embarrassing slip-ups

Why, why, WHY did we do that?



1. "I recently visited a local cafe. As I kissed the owner, who I know quite well, on the cheek, I said, 'Do one'. I have no idea why."


2. Me, looking through my neighbour's wedding photos: "That's a lovely one of you in your bathrobe."

Her: "That's my dress."


3.  "A friend introduced me to a friend of hers. She was lovely, glamorous, successful, and just a tiny bit shorter than me. We had a chat... and then I patted her on the head. I couldn't tell you why I did that."


4.  "I pinched the bottom of a man I thought was my husband. It was a perfect stranger. We were at a funeral."


5.  "I used to work in an incoming call centre, and when repeating a post code I said 'Y for Wankee.'"


6. "I described a dress I was planning on wearing to a Bond-themed Christmas party as showing off a lot of 'clunge' rather than 'cleavage'."


7. "I told my friend that DS doesn't have school on Monday as it's Incest Day (instead of Inset Day)."


8. "In high school, with a boy I had a major crush on. He let me look through the pictures on his phone, and I declared how great his mum looked in one. He informed me that we were actually looking at a picture of Al Pacino in Scarface."


9. "At an antenatal appointment, the midwife asked where 'dad' was. I explained exactly where my dad was at that moment. I realised about halfway through my explanation that she meant my partner."


10. Me, loudly to my husband, who was standing right at the edge of a crowded train platform to see if our train was approaching: "Careful, you might get sucked off." 



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