Mumsnet 2013: the top 10 threads

Knowing that no New Year is complete without a top 10 list, we invited you to pick the best bits of Talk from 2013. We carefully considered all your submissions, spent hours locked in deliberation in a special underground bunker, and finally came up with our favourites. Now, we humbly present to you: our top 10 MN threads of 2013.

Including Brian from Hull <shudder> and the infamous (and actually famous) 'penis beaker' debacle plus the heartwarming Maileg mouse saga, read and relive some of the highlights of the year on Mumsnet. 


10. A plea for help in finding this Maileg mouse!

LittleEsme's DD lost her favourite toy mouse. Mumsnetters came to the rescue, found the unfindable - and sent a few postcards along the way.


9. Yoni Massage

Brian from Hull's request for "feedback" on the subject of "yoni massages" (and his kindly offer to administer them to any MNers living "within 50 miles" of his home town) resulted first in boggling, then in x-rated limericks, commemorative namechanges and, ultimately, a well-deserved spot in Classics. Cheers, Brian.

8. What's the kindest thing a stranger's ever done for you?

Random acts of kindness and caring, from Mumsnetters and the public at large. Having a bad day? This thread will restore your faith in humanity. Warning: have tissues at the ready.


7. Please help me find the invisible duck before I go mad

"Every night for the last two weeks my DD has been raging because I can't see an apparently invisible duck in the headboard of the bed," wailed ICBINEG. Mumsnetters attempted to solve the mystery, using imagination and, where required, visual aids. 


6. The kids have named the baby budgie...

What do you call a baby budgie, that's grey?Why, Graeme of course - even if your mother has begged you not to name the budgie, as it's unlikely to live out the night. Cue a lengthy discussion of the psychological wounds (and aneurism-inducing vets' bills) inflicted by our furred and feathered friends.


5. No more cold Mumsnetters!

Fabulous thread to warm the hearts, and ultimately the homes, of Mumsnetters across the country. Lots of brilliantly resourceful tips and compassionate advice was shared to save money and keep warm.


4. Well. That went well, didn't it ...

Other people's children are such fun ... aren't they? Looking after a friend's three-year-old who has Mowgli tendencies requires much more than the patience of a saint, as AuntieTantrums found out.


3. AIBU To pelt my cakes at this mum's head in the playground this afternoon?

PTA cake sales are the backbone of many a fundraising effort in schools across the country, but it turned out that MarmaladeTwatkins' PTA wasn't thrilled with her suggestion of cornflake cakes. Lemon drizzle, anyone?


2. In memory of EarthMotherI'mNot

Not strictly from 2013, but many of you (and we) wanted to mark the passing of wonderful EarthMotherImNot, who raised many, many children as a foster mother and touched the lives of thousands of Mumsnetters, so we have dug out a wonderful thread from the archives. EarthMotherImNot - you're sadly missed.



1. Do you dunk your penis?

It had to be number one, really. Ever struggled with your post-coital clean up routine? No, neither have we. But one Mumsnetter has, and she took to the boards to share her dilemma - to the delight, first, of other Mumsnetters, and then, apparently, of the entire rest of the country ... 


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