15 moments when you DON'T feel like a grown-up

Does one ever actually feel grown-up all the time? If this Mumsnet thread is anything to go by then no. No, they don’t.


1. "I don't own a single set of matching underwear, and most of my pants have pictures of cartoon animals on them."

spongebob pants


2. "I quite often have buffet food and Haribo for tea, just 'cause."

Miranda gif


3. "I am wearing odd earrings, and not ironically."

Pretty in pink gif


4. "I get a little too into colouring with my son."



5. "When I'm indulging in a teenage crush (constant)."

Donny Osmond


6. "I am in possession of a pair of sequin Converse trainers that myself and an 11 year-old girl both reached for in the shop, with similar squeals of delight."


7. "I gallop around the house and try to kick my other half's bum."

Mary Poppins gif


8. "When I left my last job I was given a Halloween vampire cape as a leaving present - I'd said I always wanted one, so that I could 'sweep dramatically out of the room after making a point'."

cape gif


9. "My husband bought me a Doctor Who annual for Christmas. Our main present was a PS4 which we bought together."


10. "When I can't have any kind of disagreement with my husband without brooding like a teenager for ages."


11. "I giggled at the pictures of boobs in the breastfeeding leaflet the midwife gave me earlier this week. She wasn't impressed."


12. "I always add too much soap when washing up, just to see how big the bubbles will get."

Chandler gif


13. "I laugh if someone trips over."


14. "I often sprinkle/flick the cat with water to see his ears move."


15. "I wipe my husband's toothbrush with hand soap when he's annoying me."


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