10 moments of parenting joy (that make it all worthwhile)

Parenthood - not all broken sleep and grinding monotony, apparently. Sometimes, as these examples show, it can be heart-bustingly, throat-chokingly great

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1. "Weaning - I was so stressed at the thought of it, but it was brilliant! How often do you get to watch someone eat something for the first time?"


2. "Discovering that a timid, shy, hesitant kid (me) can create a gregarious, confident, outgoing one."


3. "The pure physical pleasure he gets from being with me. He lays his cheek on mine, gets very still and I can practically feel his heart slow as he properly relaxes, because he's with his mummy."


4. "Listening to the sound of a small child thumping out of bed in the morning, taking self to bathroom, then heading to us for the morning cuddle." 


5. "Watching her eyes close as she drifts off to an involuntary nap. The slow, heavy blinking, the way her eyes roll back - she looks blissed out."


6. "Watching my husband and son play lightsaber fights, with son saying to his Dad in his tiny voice: 'If you strike me down, I will become more powerful.'"


7. "Hearing my 18-month-old daughter singing in her cot when she wakes up in the morning."


8. "When one of my children demonstrates kindness, compassion, altruism, a sense of social justice. It makes me feel all gooey inside, and I'm not the sentimental sort."


9. "Emptying my daughter's coat pockets and finding wrappers, slide, gloves, lipgloss owl... Like a tiny window into her life separate from mine."



10. Finally, and demonstrating that good things really do come to those that wait: "Getting a lift to the pub. Christ, it's been a long time coming..."


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