"MI5 should recruit from Mumsnet" - MNers are ready to serve

In possibly the best news story to happen ever, a newly-published parliamentary report has recommended that spy chiefs recruit from Mumsnet, in order to break through the "permafrost" of men that they say currently characterises the MI5 workforce.


Mumsnetters were ready to answer the call...

"If they need someone whose special skill is getting melted chocolate down her dog-haired jumper and not noticing, I'm their woman <awaits call>" said BreconBeBuggered.

Sliceofsoup also felt that she had unique qualities to offer: "I would LOVE to be a spy. Like actually LOVE it. And no one would suspect me. I am too boring and frumpy."

Gaggiagirl would need some persuading: "It's probably best that I don't apply; I can't keep my own piss in, never mind international secrets."

Then again, as ShatnersBassoon reflected: "Nobody suspects a woman in mum boots of anything underhand." NOBODY.

MNers have already decided how spies will be supported in our forums:

"We would like:

  • A topic for anxious double agents called 'Am I being Treasonable?'
  • A special place for spies to let off steam: 'AIBU to think that standing in a room next to where someone is being tortured and taking notes is NOT being a torturer'; '... that shaken not stirred is a perfectly reasonable cappuccino preference', etc."

And what to wear…

MI5, we are ready. Mumsnetters will not let you down. Just ask Hillary.




Last updated: about 3 years ago